Paul McCarney


I don’t recall when I first heard someone use the term fair chase. I do recall becoming gradually aware of a set of thoughts, feelings, and ideals regarding different aspects of hunting that I would later come to identify as a developing understanding of what is collectively referred to as fair chase. Fair chase is a concept that is somewhat popularly understood as the moral foundation of our community; however, while many… Read More

My last post suggested that we can, and indeed should be conscientious about the perspectives of our audiences when we frame messaging about hunting. When thinking about how we frame our roles as hunters, there is a line of thinking that takes the stance of the “unapologetic hunter”. In contrast, I make the case that it is valuable to actively create new allies and that we need to cultivate collaboration and dialogue in many different… Read More

Ideas are given meaning in context and this meaning is expressed through language. We tend to better understand new information by situating it in our own lived experiences. For me, sometimes this happens more unconsciously as simply a way to make sense of what I’m taking in; other times, I come across something that clearly has direct applications to my own priorities and interests. I recently came across a study that has the… Read More